Our mission is to help you get the sleep you deserve, so you wake up recovered and ready to attack every day. Combining the purest quality earth-grown nutrients, optimized doses, and time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a supplement they can turn to for natural sleep, to help them recover from tough workouts, and to push them toward achieving their apex condition. Men and women who work hard ought to sleep well at night. It restores your health. It makes you feel younger. We’ve experienced this ourselves and we want you to experience it too. 

Nate Dotson Founder & CEONate Dotson Founder & CEO

My brother and I founded Hibernate in 2019, after we spent years learning to conquer our sleeping troubles. My brother was a chronic insomniac who'd spent decades taking over-the-counter and prescription sleeping pills. I’d always been an easy sleeper until my 30s, when I couldn't figure out why falling asleep, and staying asleep, had suddenly become so difficult. Yet as lifelong athletes and health aficionados with decades of experience in the weight room, I knew we could do better.

Hibernate is our solution.

Unlike sleep drugs which have strong side effects, and mass-market sleep aids which overdose athletes with melatonin or ineffective herbs, Hibernate optimizes the sleep cascade by restoring common nutritional deficiencies and gently modulating hormonal rhythms. This supports the body’s natural mechanisms for initiating restful sleep (the kind hard-training athletes need), rather than mimicking or blocking chemical processes in the brain. Health and sleep go hand-in-hand - this is what we learned, and it changed our lives. Now, I hope Hibernate will change yours too.

The Hibernate Principles

  1. Men and women who work hard deserve good sleep, no matter their age.

  2. Healthy sleep is the greatest PED of all.

  3. We love our customers, because we are our customers. Our product changed our own lives. We want it to change yours too.

  4. We love science, but only when it gets results on the pillow and in our active lives.

  5. We embrace sleep, because only that way can we truly embrace a full life.

Our Guarantee

Give Hibernate a fair shot for two weeks. If you're still not satisfied after two weeks, we'll return your money, 100%, guaranteed.