Microdose melatonin. Wake up feeling amazing.

You work hard, train hard and take care of business. Get the sleep you deserve with a man-sized dose of essential brain nutrients.

Everything You Need To Beat Insomnia

Hibernate Sleep Formula

Our signature recovery and sleep supplement is made with 100% natural ingredients. Microdose melatonin for epic relaxation and restorative sleep every night.

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Hibernate Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Use your devices after sundown without overstimulating your brain. Eliminate exposure to blue light with our best-selling anti-blue light glasses.

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3 Laws of Paleo Sleep

The free cheat sheet walks you through the natural laws of sleep and how to prevent insomnia. You're welcome.

Why Microdose Melatonin?

For People Who Care About Their Brain

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Optimize Your Performance

Give your sleep the same dedication you give your training and diet. With science-backed doses of essential nutrients you'll fall asleep, stay asleep, and have energy to burn all day.

No Drugs

We let nature work its magic by supplying the body with the minerals it needs for a restful and restorative sleep. Hibernate Sleep Formula is drug-free and sugar-free to fit your healthy lifestyle, no worries.

Free Shipping Across the US

That's right, we'll cover the shipping anywhere in the US, because seriously – we just want you to sleep.

Why is Hibernate Different?

After years of suffering from insomnia, our founders dedicated their lives to studying the human body's natural sleep functions and how to enhance them without drugs or side effects. What they learned changed their lives. Hibernate was born. 

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Made in the USA

Our products are 100% genuine, safe, and made in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility. You know you're getting premium quality with Hibernate.

30-Day Guarantee

If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, feel free to return your order hassle-free within 30 days.

We Care About Your Sleep

We understand how frustrating insomnia is, believe us, we've been there. So we want to share this solution with our customers so our fellow man can finally sleep, recover, and feel awesome again!

5 Star Rated Sleep

Check out what our fellow sleep lovers say about their sleep experience since taking Hibernate in our customer reviews



I am extremely happy with my first order of hibernate. I am noticeably more well rested after taking the product.

Jay Winchell
New York, NY

Great Product

Tried many but this seems to be working the very best.

Gary Kalen
Canby, US

Hibernate Helps Me Sleep . . . Period

Taking Hibernate has become a critical part of my nighttime sleep routine. I highly recommend it.

Ryan Cannon
Tehachapi, US

this stuff really works!

i've tried a couple of other products, but hibernate is by far the best sleep aid i've tried and i plan on using it for years to come.

Alan Glick
Blacksburg, VA


This stuff helps me sleep well.

Mike Green
New Lenox, US

Safe and effective

Ive been bouncing back and forth between this and a brand called ‘Proper’. I felt the Proper had a lot more unknown ingredients and wasn’t great for waking up. I felt drowsy for the first half of the day.

Not with hibernate! Puts me to sleep, easy to wake up, and the vitamin D helps a ton too! I found the winner and I am sticking with it!

Joe Geurts
Salt Lake City, US

Less Melatonin = Better Sleep

I was doubtful that switching to a sleeping supplement with LESS melatonin would result in better sleep but that's exactly what happened. I'm able to fall asleep after taking the supplement and in the morning I feel more rested than I do when relying on medications or other supplements to help me sleep.

Robert Higley
Ballston Lake, US


I’ve been tracking my sleep with a whoop and since starting this product REM sleep has been up 20 to 30%

Grant Maclean
Brooklyn, NY

It Really Works!

Per my fitness tracker, I have gained more Deep and REM sleep. Definitely feel more refreshed in the morning.

Jeffery T.
Jacksonville, FL
Real, Natural Sleep

Take advantage of the incredible benefits of microdosing melatonin for sleep and recovery. It's what Nature intended. Order today or get in touch and chat with our team.