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You work hard, train hard, and take care of business. Get the sleep you deserve with a nightly dose of essential brain nutrients.

Four Simple Ingredients

100% natural. Eliminate the most common nutrient deficiencies that cause sleepless nights.

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Give Your Brain a Rest

Thoughts racing in bed? Blue light after sundown stimulates your brain. Let's avoid that, shall we?

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3 Laws of Paleo Sleep

The free cheat sheet walks you through the natural laws of sleep and how you can outsmart common sleep disorders. You're welcome.

For People Who Care About Their Brain

Microdosing Melatonin

For twenty years, MIT research has shown melatonin works best in microdoses of 0.3 mg or less. Standard OTC dosages actually inhibit healthy sleep...

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No Hangover

You've already got Hibernate's vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body, just at suboptimal levels. Fixing those levels won't make you groggy in the morning. Just the opposite. Whether you need 6 hours or 10, you'll wake up feeling like a legend.

No Drugs

We let nature work its magic by supplying the nutrients your brain and body need for normal, healthy, functional sleep. That means no drugs, no hidden ingredients, and no shady plant extracts that work like drugs anyway.

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That's right, we'll cover the shipping anywhere in the US, because seriously – we just want you to sleep.

Why is Hibernate Different?

After years of battling insomnia, our founders dedicated their lives to studying the human body's natural sleep functions and how to enhance them without drugs or side effects. What they learned changed their lives. Hibernate was born. 

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5 Star Rated Sleep

Check out what athletes, parents, CEOs, strength coaches, and generally good looking people have to say about Hibernate. 

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Take advantage of the incredible benefits of microdosing melatonin for sleep and recovery. It's what Nature intended. Order today or get in touch and chat with our team.