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After years of suffering from insomnia, I found a natural product made with vitamins and the least amount of melatonin that help me sleep within 15-30 minutes of going to bed. Thank you!

Safe and effective

Ive been bouncing back and forth between this and a brand called ‘Proper’. I felt the Proper had a lot more unknown ingredients and wasn’t great for waking up. I felt drowsy for the first half of the day.

Not with hibernate! Puts me to sleep, easy to wake up, and the vitamin D helps a ton too! I found the winner and I am sticking with it!


Seemed To help

Less Melatonin = Better Sleep

I was doubtful that switching to a sleeping supplement with LESS melatonin would result in better sleep but that's exactly what happened. I'm able to fall asleep after taking the supplement and in the morning I feel more rested than I do when relying on medications or other supplements to help me sleep.

Not bad

I think it is working out pretty well.


Knocks me out cold and feel rested in the morning!


I’ve been tracking my sleep with a whoop and since starting this product REM sleep has been up 20 to 30%

It Really Works!

Per my fitness tracker, I have gained more Deep and REM sleep. Definitely feel more refreshed in the morning.


Works amazingly

Hibernate makes you sleepy

I approve of this product, it does what it says it will do, at least for my physiology .

Great supplement!

I sleep great and it I includes things that I need to be taking already.

Love it

It’s the only thing that works consistently for me!

So far so good.

Good quality

Good quality

Works well

Even with 1mg melatonin tablets, I would wake up hot and sweaty after 4-5 hours. I sleep all through the night now.

Really works

I started taking Hibernate a few weeks ago. I go to bed 2 hours earlier, sleep through the night, and wake up feeling great!

Easy, works

No grogginess later, actually want to sleep after taking. (BTW I'm a real person, not a bot or something. I can't speak for the rest of these.

Also, hibernate web devs, do you support emoji? 😎

Not like other sleep supplements!

I have been using other melatonin supplements for years with mixed results. Hibernate is the first product that leaves me refreshed in the morning with consistent durable sleep patterns. Beware of other supplements that over-dose melatonin which can induce negative dream states and choppy REM sleep patterns. The HIbernate dose is just right to induce prolonged stable sleep recovery.

Just reordered!

Works great. I use it on a regular basis, and it really delivers the kind of sleep I need to function.

I took long flight (13+ hours) recently and it worked wonders in helping me get my sleep patterns back under control, minimizing the problems I anticipated from jet lag. So I just reordered more. Can't recommend highly enough.

Hibernate Really Works!

After years of trying several different remedies for my sleep issues, Hibernate has provided me with the best sleep yet. Not only am I now able to sleep throughout the night, I also find that I have more energy. Normally, my lack of sleep causes my energy levels to reduce greatly after noon but with this supplement I have found that I have more energy than ever. This is a direct result of taking Hibernate and I recommend that anyone reading this who have had similar issues as I have to give it a shot, I’m sure you will be as thrilled as I am to finally get over the sleep issues.

I like going to sleep again!

Finally, I like going to sleep at night again. No more tossing and turning, no more staring at the ceiling fan going over every single detail of my day, no more looking 20 years older from lack of sleep. This stuff works!

Longer, deeper sleep, astonishing muscle recovery

This is a must have product for anyone looking for a deeper, more fulfilling night of sleep. Especially for active individuals that push their bodies to the extreme. After several years of poor sleep and sore muscles, Hibernate is the only supplement that makes me feel like I can achieve the apex of my physical performance.

Too amazing!

I can't even believe how well Hibernate works. This is total game changing stuff for me.