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Much better sleep

I tried Hibernate for 30 days prior to leaving this review. I used to take 10mg of Melatonin each night, so when I wouldn't take it I wouldn't be able to sleep through the night. Since taking hibernate I've been able to sleep all the way through most nights and feel much better in the morning.

Great Sleep "Night and Day difference"

My first morning after using Hibernate was noticeably different. I felt energized, rested, and ready to tackle the day.

Falling asleep faster

Great product, great customer service, find myself not tossing and turning as much and falling asleep faster.

Noticeable difference in how I feel in the morning.

When I use hibernate, I feel ready for the day when I wake up. Much less likely to awake in the middle of the night, feel groggy, or hit the snooze button.

Highly recommended - I have taken it nearly daily for 3 months!

Great sleep!

I use Hibernate for sleeping with my busy work schedule. It helps me stay asleep at night and provides me with energy for my next days work.

Quality supplement and works as intended

Micro dosing melatonin is a sensible idea and the additional Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Zinc complement the melatonin well for a relaxed, deep sleep.

Subtle and more quality sleep

I've had stomach issues and shorter sleeps with other sleep supplements. Hibernate is subtle and helps me get more quality sleep. Thank you!

Happy with results

I’m pretty happy with the results so far, will order again.

Honest review

I have been using Hibernate for the past week and a half. Previously, my pre-bed ritual involved taking multiple "sleep related" supplements including herbs, amino acids and minerals. Since beginning to use Hibernate, I no longer take anything other than Hibernate except for a CBN gummy. As for results, I am falling asleep easily and while I still wake up once in the predawn hours to go to the bathroom ( I am a 71 yr. old male), I am able to fall back to sleep quickly and wake at my normal time with no "hangover"whatsoever. My sleep is still a "work in progress" but overall, Hibernate is a good step in the right direction.


I’ve been sleeping more consistently during the last two weeks. This product has played a positive role in my ability to stay asleep thru the night.

Works for me so far

Improving my sleep so far!


I have tried other night time supplements, but this one seems to have the right amounts for my body. I will be a repeat customer.

simplifies my life

This is a great product that simplifies my daily vitamin intake. At the onset of Covid I met with a physician to optimize my vitamin intake. Until I found Hibernate, I was mixing and matching my vitamins to get optimum mix. Hibernate does this for me! Very pleased.

Didn't do much for me

I've heard good things about Hibernate, and I believe it probably works great for many people. But after using it nightly for a month, unfortunately it didn't do much for me. I wear a Fitbit which monitors my sleep, and I got slightly more deep sleep than normal, but other than that, there were no noticeable improvements. I'm sleeping the same number of hours, wake up just as frequently, feel identical when I arise. Again, maybe it's just me as Hibernate does have a good reputation. Hopefully it works better for you.

It’s great

Used to avoid supplements with melatonin because it made it harder to wake up, but Hibernate has the perfect amount

Great product

After taking Hibernate I sleep better and wake up more rested. Really made a difference.

One of the best sleep aids I have tried

I love using this product. I notice that there is a definite difference on the days that I am unable to take it the night prior. I have used multiple sleep aids in the past due to the fact that I have trouble staying asleep during the night. With Hibernate I am able to sleep soundly and wake up alert and ready to tackle the day. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for something to help them achieve more restful, deep sleep.

It works

Highly recommend


I am extremely happy with my first order of hibernate. I am noticeably more well rested after taking the product.

Hibernate Sleep

I found this product to be very helpful in getting me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Great product

Tried many but this seems to be working the very best.

Sleeping better

It took a few weeks for my sleep schedule with hibernate to kick in but now I am sleeping so much better.

Sleep Getting Better

I've struggled with sleep for a long time. Within a couple of uses I've noticed an improvement in my sleeping.

Love this stuff

this has given me the best sleep I've had in years.... thank you

Hibernate Helps Me Sleep . . . Period

Taking Hibernate has become a critical part of my nighttime sleep routine. I highly recommend it.